After collecting on the Cheyanne, we headed to Custer for the night, stopping for dinner and a few rock shops that were on the way. In
Keystone we met a miner that currently mines and was the owner of one of the rock shops. We started talking about TeePee Canyon
Agate, and he said mud springs was no longer the place to go for TeePee Canyon Agate. He was very gracious, and gave us a map out to
the new site. We purchased our items, thanked him and were on our way to Custer. Since we were going by, we stopped to see 4
Presidents. Was kinda cool in person, and a stranger took our pictures.
Day 3
    Breakfast and out the door. Stopped at the local rock shop around the corner from the
hotel on our way up the hill. She had some specimens, that were just like what we found
on the Cheyanne River yesterday. The fossil? with honey Calcite. Lisa asked what they
were and said Septarian Nodules/concretions. Now I know about Septarians, I have
some, but thought they were only found in Utah. So I didn't make the connection.
       After we made our purchases, we headed up the hill. Passing Mud Springs, now looking for the big power lines. Our miner said you
can't miss it. Well we did and we ended up crossing the Wyoming State Line. We turned around and followed the map backwards. Took
us a while but we found it, and I corrected our map for future trips. We parked and started walking down the trail. We met a couple guys
coming of the hill. We stopped and chatted a bit. They showed us what they had found. Small but pretty pieces. We headed up the hill and
collected for about 4 hours.

    When we got to the top on the side of the hill, we started pounding limestone. I went on over the hill and much to my surprise, there
was a huge area of quarried limestone that host TeePee Canyon Agate.  
     You could see areas where rock hounds found a spot, and dug to the bottom throwing out what they broke up. I found a couple pretty
peices, and put them in my nail pouch. Lisa and Gloria made there way to the front side. It had been a few hours and was hot collecting on
the rock. The girls were ready to go, so I took some pictures and we gathered our tools and headed down the hill
Us being tourist
Heading up the hill
Top of the hill
End of day 3. Time to head home. We stayed the night in Chamberlin, and arrived home around 3pm in the afternoon. As we sorted our rocks, we
took some photos of our treasures.
Bubble Gum Agates
Cheyanne River Rock
Weta Beds in Kadoka, SD
TeePee Canyon Agate