Heart of Wisconsin
Gem & Mineral Society
7:00 P.M., 2nd Thursday of each month.  
Sept. thru May, except August Picnic and December Christmas Party.


Meeting 7:00pm @ 224 Park Ave. "Park Lodge"  turn north off Hwy 10 at "The Store" in
Junction City, WI

Meeting mouths - Jan., Feb., March, April, May, Sept., Oct., and Nov.

Membership Dues: $10 Individual, $12 Couple or Family, $1
Junior, including "Rockhound News", [$8 subscription only]

About the Club:

The Heart of Wisconsin Gem and Mineral Society, organized in 1967, is a non-profit club
dedicated to promoting interest and education in earth science and lapidary art. The society's
members are of all ages and occupations sharing a common interest in the mineral kingdom.

The club offers the following:

Provides members with a monthly "Rockhound News" bulletin.
Presents geologically oriented monthly programs. Provides companionship with others having
the same interest, thereby allowing members to learn from each other. Conducts field trips to
collect specimens and learn about the geology of the land in the collecting area. Provides a
table at each meeting for the display of rock samples, specimens, magazines and books,
lapidary work, unusual finds, and specimens needing identification. Maintains a library of
books, newsletters, bulletins and photographs. Provides displays, speakers, slide programs,
demonstrations, and mineral projects for community organizations and schools. Provides
monies for library school books and materials for area schools.

We are Members: Midwest Federation of Mineralogical and Geological Society (MWF)  

American Federation of Mineralogical Society (AFMS)
Welcome to our club pages.

We invite you to come and visit us anytime.
Guest and new members are always welcome.
Our meeting times are listed below, and if you
have any questions or comments about our
site, let us know.

We are an active club, that loves to go
collecting as often as we can. Most of which
happens in the Summer.

Our travels take us to many places. Sometimes
as a group, and sometimes with our families.
Most of the time it's to another state, or 2.
Sometimes 3 or 4. We have no boundries, but
we all have one thing in common. That is, we
all love rocks.

Some of us like agates, and some like minerals.
Heck some of us just like everything. Even
those leaverites.

We have members that cuts cabs and some
that facet. We have tumblers, and jewelry

We also have lapidary work shops in the
winter months. Pretty much a salad bar of

So come have a look see. We look forward to
meeting new friends that have the same
interest that we do.

Quite simply, we love to talk rock. Of course I
have always said, "Any day you can talk rock,
is a good day". Keep those eyes on the ground.
You never know what you'll find. It just might
be a Fairburn!
Cindy Kelman

Don Kelman
Website Editor
Field Trip
Sandy Brandl
Doug Moore
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