I mentioned to Beverly (when we got back
up to camp) that I shot some pictures of a
really cool lizard. When I told her what
color it was, she wanted to see it. I dumped
the pictures on the laptop and showed her.
She said, in the last 25 years of digging on
the mountain they had only seen this color
once. She wanting me to show Gene so he
came up out of the mine to take look. He
said we need to name him, that they name
all there cool little creatures they have come
across on the mountain. So we did.
Oregon Trip Part 3
Dave finds his pink plume
Here's a close up
Our agate pile
Dave, diggin' to
Gene, taking a swipe
Sandy on
the Pile
Sandy and Dave in
the hole
Day 7 - Sunday, June 17th.
Breakfast at IHOP since Honker’s was closed. I didn't have breakfast this morning and I
didn't head up the mountain with the rest of the plume diggers. I was not standing vertical
due to my bad back this morning. So I was gonna head up the mountain a little later in the
day. I got up the hill about noon, and Dave had just got his plume out. Proud he was! What
a pretty plumeI A light pink and yellow plumes.
The first photo is where I started shooting
and the second is the last picture I shot. We
named him Leonardo the lizard.
Judy and I got our pieces loaded on the truck and we headed down the mountain. I told
Judy to buckle up cause I decided to fly down the mountain in 4 wheel drive. What a rush!
We made it back to the motel before dark with KFC. We had big grins on our faces carrying
our two big chunks of plume with a noticeable swagger. ; ))
I have to admit Dave said," he was real proud of us and that he had no idea that we would
get it out." Everyone is happy!
Dave and his pretty
As you can see Dave has dug like crazy this morning and with the swipe a little wider, there
was room for a few to roam. Judy and Colleen had been going through the rest of the small
pile. So everyone decided to stop and have a little lunch.
After lunch Dave and Judy was in the hole poking around, (I vowed to take it easy so I
would be able to walk tomorrow.) They decided to dig a little deeper and follow the 4inch
vein. After a little diggin',  I  just couldn't stand watching, so in the hole I went. The vein
made a sharp left and we couldn't even imagined what was yet to come. Chisel, chisel, chisel.
Hammer, hammer, hammer. When oh my gosh, Dave struck oil. (not really, it was more
plume) Not just plume, but the prettiest pink and yellow plume you ever did see. It was an 8
inch vein. As far as we could tell it went quite a ways. Dave and I cleaned more of the basalt
away and the more we dug the bigger Dave's grin got, he was grinning from ear to ear. This
was simply amazing. Oh and did I mention Judy loves plume agate! Its one of her favorites.
At this point this trip couldn't have been any better.

Dave went over to get Gene and Jake, they just had to see this. Judy and I took the whisk
broom and spray bottles cleaned it up and watered it down before the boys got back. Colleen
was high grading some plume off the plume pile. When Gene jumped in the hole, Gene said,
"Holy cow, we've been looking for a vein like that for the last 2 weeks. All of us standing in
Dave's now in hog heaven!!!

Gene chisels a little and gave us some more helpful hints. I mean we were ok with the blue
agate and dendrites we were suppose to be finding, but this was incredible. Big nice pink
and yellow plume. We all decided to dig 2 feet further to the left to expose more of this vein.
(This was where we put the dirt when we were going thru the pile.) So we moved it again,
bucket after bucket. All in all we all moved about a ton of soil and took turns chiseling. The
time just flew by.  
Dave and Colleen wanted to call it a day about 5-5:30,  but Judy and I wanted to keep
diggin'. So Dave and Colleen headed on down the mountain. Dave had dug very hard all
day and was tired. Colleen also had worked hard an had had enough sun. (It was 90+
degrees again today.) Seeing as I had the morning off and taking it easy was out of the
question, me and Judy stayed longer. We vowed not to leave till we had a piece out or night
fall, which ever came first. We were determined to get that first big piece. Judy and I took
turns digging and much to our surprise it didn't take us long. We jumped up and down
yellin' and carrying on, Gene heard us and he came over to see what all the ruckus was
about. He could believe how far all of us had dug this day. Gene grabbed the camera and
took our picture. We were proud of our pretty plume and we had to get down the hill now to
show it off.  We had bragging rights. Boy it was a great day! Judy wouldn't let me help carry
the chunk up the hill. So she rolled it up and I stood behind her and push from behind.
That would have been an interesting photo! When we got it to the top it broke into 2 pieces,
but we didn't care. Us girls got the first big piece!
Colleen, Judy and
Dave Clearing the pit.
Dave working the vein. Still need to clean 4 more foot to the left, need more plume! Pretty
plume. Judy sweeping. Gene chiseling the vein, Dave watching and Colleen taking her turn
Judy looking
at plume on
the pile.
Judy and
Day 8 - Monday, June 18th.
Again up to the mine site after an early breakfast at Honker’s. After long hours of chipping,
shoveling, and sweating, with Sandy advising and Dave acting as engineer, 4 more chunks
of plume agate were secured. One last piece was tantalizingly close to being detached, but we
had set a time with Beverly, (the head cook) to see her and Jake's Plume and Morrisonite
collection and go thru their rock piles in town.
We collected some slabs that Jake had for sale in the yard. I got about 25lbs of Morrisonite
and other Oregon and Arizona rough. Judy found some slabs of plume that she couldn't live
without. Colleen found some pretty slabs and chunks of Oregon and Arizona rough and
well Dave, he just couldn't believe Judy had found some plume that she couldn't live with
With our rock appetite fed, I was time to fill our tummies, so we headed for Nampa and had
supper at Pizza Hut. We were back to the motel just after dark. We had our showers and
watched a slide show of all the photos that we had taken so far. Then it was lights out!
Good night Mary Ellen, Good night John Boy.
Dave got the 2nd piece
It weighed 74lbs.
Judy and I didn't
weigh ours, but it was
just as big!
As you can see,
we were
moving right
along. We took
a photo of the
pick in the
vain after we
took the chunk
Still more plume!
This was the 3rd
Still have a few more
chunks to go!
Dave and Judy kicked me out of the hole. I was driving me crazy just watching them and
Colleen dig the last piece of plume out, so I got my camera and walked around and took
pictures of the landscape. By the time I was done shooting photos, the rest of the bunch had
secured the last chunk.
The landscape, as seen from the hill we were on.
A Specimens I found. An Angel Wing pocket.
Lifting the first chunck out! Judy, Sandy and
a closeup of our really pretty pink plume!!!
GEne & Dave
Plume Agate