I have cut  just over half of what we collected from the Wolverine. I
polished the nice ones. There were 4 agates, 3 agates and calcite, 3
datolites, and a pretty green one that has copper but don't know for sure
what it is. I will consult with a rock club member that knows the
minerals from the UP.

Some were calcite with some copper and here are the ones so far that are
agates. Not any agates with copper, but I did find 3 datolites. One had
copper inclusions, and as I cut it the right half broke into 3 pieces. The
other half stayed intact. It is about the size of a quarter.
Keweenaw Collecting Continued
Little Datolite with Copper
Inclusions and the pieces
Pretty green one
Agates with some Calcite
Calcite with floaty
green stuff! I know
real technical
The 2 little dark pinkish red