South Dakota Agate Collecting - Part 2
May 17th, Sunday
and began gathering our rock hounding accessories,  Jane was scratching around by the vehicles and
wal-la!  There she was, a pretty little Fairburn.  I suppose the Supreme beings heard her yawp
yesterday and thought they should bestow a treasure. LOL...

It's very nice out today. Sunny and warm with a little breeze.  All is well in the world of bluffs!  All
of us wondering around like we know where were goin'.  It wasn't long before a little excitement. A
Fairburn you ask! NOT!  It's  was a army medi-vac whirlybird  that flew in over our heads and
began circling.   It was kinda cool as they waved when they past just above us.  Didn't think too
much about it, until they kept circling, and circling, and circling.  My next thought was, they were
looking for someone.  Who could it be!  Cindy?  She had been playing with her walkie talkie.  It was
stuck on a channel or something, neither her or I could figure it out even with all the button
pushing.  For all we knew Cindy could have called them out using a super secret code or something.
After all there was a little satellite thingy flashing on the walkie talkie. Well not to worry Cindy, I
wouldn't have ratted you out.  During the interrogation  I would have said what my hero Colonel
Klink always  said, I KNOW NOTHING!  I wouldn't have told them you were hiding over the bluff
and down the wash!   

It was just past noon and most all of us  in our party made it back to the vehicles about the time the
thing lands out in the field by us.  2 GI Joes jump out, and it took off and began circling again.  For
about an hour they played in a big circle, back and forth dropping flour bombs at there targets. We
took some photo's, ate lunch, and watched for awhile. With there last pass, they waved, we waved and
Cindy is still with us!
They wave
as they past
over our heads
Droping off 2 GI
Joes or Jossies
Jane found a
pretty yellow
Cindy.... Come out
come out where ever
you are! WHO ME!!!
Time to go!
The Hobbled Horse
out side the little gas station
and mini mart at the base of the bluffs
just below Railroad Buttes.
Lunch Time
Ted found
a fish rock
The other Ted and Cindy
watching the wirleybirds
We found
some Targetite
The bluffs around
Sue and Ken
Some more
Ted & Maggie
Jane taken a picture of
taking a picture
Motor Cross
area,  it's a very
busy place and looks like fun
Bee Hives just before the creek
We found some raccoon prints at the creek. Last
stop. Time to head home. Another fun collecting
trip. Everyone found some cute little bubble gums.